Creating Residual Income

And you’d be glad you did.

Creating residual income is one of those things that most people think they need a lot of money to invest in order to do. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The secret to residual income is having a formula that works and products that people want. 

There are multiple types of residual income streams and residual income ideas out there but by far, the one with the least expensive barrier to entry is the network marketing business channel. If you’re unaware of the opportunity you have right now to take advantage of the explosive growth in this $187 billion dollar industry check out these stats on how network marketing is changing the way people think about money.

Why is Residual Income So Important?

Creating Residual IncomeToday’s financial system has a lot of uncertainty that is mostly fueled by fear. According to a new survey, most American’s have less than $1,000 in savings.

That means most American’s can’t afford to get sick, take time off or enjoy vacations with their families. The lack of being able to do these things leads to a quality of life that forces you into living to work and working to live.

You have probably heard the expression that “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.”  The reason for this is because the rich focus on a completely different way of earning money.

If you want to truly become financially independent residual income is what will get you there.

Key Benefits to Creating Residual Income

According to, over 70% of people hate their job. Some of those reasons include:

  • Feeling obligated to work
  • Not feeling in control
  • Working too much
  • Lack of stability
  • Not liking your boss
  • Your job lacks meaning
  • No living up to your potential

The benefits of creating residual income can be summed up very easily:

creating residual income

Residual Income Allows You To Be Free To Live The Life YOU Choose

Imagine if your boss knew that you were making an additional $2,000 a month working from home on a residual basis. Would they maybe treat you a little more nicely for fear of losing you? Imagine if you were sick and needed to take a few sick days to rest and get better. Would you even think twice about calling in? What about that vacation you wanted to take? Or relocating? Or buying that new car? Or getting those house repairs done?

The possibilities begin to become endless once you’ve created an additional stream of residual income for yourself. The lifestyle you’re able to live is truly mind-boggling. The stress relief you experience is near nirvana. The feeling you’re going to experience once you realize that you’re financially free is PRICELESS.

But there is a price for this type of life.

How-To Create Residual Income

The price for creating residual income isn’t much, but it does take work.

The way to create residual income truly relies on having a system that is easy enough to learn and use from the comfort of your house paired with a service or product that people need.

The two must-have products that everyone needs in their life are in the categories of health and housing. Since we all know how unstable the housing market can be, not to mention the high-cost barrier to entry, we’ll be focusing on the lower cost health category.

American’s spent $33 billion dollars on health products in 2015, according to statistics and studies website, and that number is growing by nearly 10% annually.

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Want to learn how you can be a part of that tremendous growth and enjoy some financial rewards? 

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LAST UPDATED: April 23, 2018

creating residual income

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