How you join Kyani plays a large part in whether you succeed or fail.

If you’re reading this article, odds are you already know a little bit or maybe even a lot about Kyani. For those who might have stumbled across this site by accident, Kyani is a network marketing company that offers 3 health products.

The company is creating millionaires. Independently wealthy millionaires and hundreds of high-six figure earners.

Kyani is also in the process of launching a new skin-care line to compliment it’s suite of health products. This offers a massive opportunity for additional growth in the coming years.

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Recommendations on How to Join Kyani

Like the majority of network marketing companies, the ideal way to join Kyani is by getting back with the person who first introduced you to the business opportunity or the products.

That person is usually a distributor within the company and deserves to be your first option when considering who to partner with.

Keep in mind, this is the preferred method but to ensure success, it is best to join Kyani through someone who is building their business the way that you would like to build yours.

Sometimes, the person who introduced you uses methods that will not work for you and isn’t always the perfect match for showing you how achieve your goals.

This article is here to help you avoid the mistake of partnering with someone who you may eventually regret partnering with.

I was introduced to Kyani by a close friend. When he joined, I decided to join with him.

I didn’t do any real research or consider how I wanted to build my business I just fell in line and “followed the system”.

Personally,  I wanted to learn how to build my business online for many different reasons. But it was extremely difficult because I didn’t join an organization where people were doing that.

This is why it’s very important for you to join with people who are building their business the same way that you want to build yours.

If I had to do it over again, I would have found an online marketer within Kyani and joined Kyani under them.

How to Guarantee Success After Joining Kyani

If you’re joining Kyani under someone who has a lot of influence, is very trustworthy and people tend to listen to their advice, make sure you have that same level of influence within your circle if you want the same type of results that they’re having.

If you don’t, you will struggle to get traction.

This is the #1 reason people fail in Kyani and lose $100’s or $1,000’s of dollars.

Joining Kyani under someone who’s building their business the same way that you can build yours is the smartest way to guarantee success for long-term.

Your influential upline is not going to build your business for you. They will help you, but at some point, you will need to be able to do what they do.

  • If you’re recruited by someone who has home-meetings and gets 10-20 people to show up, but you know you can’t get 10 or more people to show up, you need to join with someone who’s recruiting a different way.
  • If you’re recruited by someone in a 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 setting, but you’re not comfortable talking to people or doing a presentation, than you need to join with someone who’s recruiting a different way.

Find someone who’s building their business in a way that you would like to build yours.

The industry of network marketing either rewards you or punishes you based on the person you were before you joined.

If you’re like most people you may not have a high amount of credibility. People might see you as someone who is always looking for the “next best thing”, or as someone who has never made a lot of money and think “why should I listen to someone like you?

If you’re someone who doesn’t have influence, join Kyani under someone who has built their brand online and follow in those footsteps.

There are resources like My Lead System Pro available for network marketers to learn how to leverage Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to properly build their business online.

Too many people join network marketing companies and after getting little to no results from friends and family and begin posting things like this on social media:

how to join kyani


There is a right way, to use social media as a network marketer and there is a wrong way. This is the wrong way.

Blasting your company link or promotion in a status update is the quickest way to either get unfollowed or looked at as a “get rich quick” schemer.

What About Blogging?

Blogging has been my go to method for building my Kyani business online for over a year.

If you’re someone who really doesn’t carry a lot of influence or fell on some tough times and lost some credibility, blogging can establish you as an authority in whatever industry you’re in.

In network marketing, it’s rare to find a company that allows you to use the internet to build your business as freely as Kyani does.

They also provide you with digital material to use for logos and product graphics.


If you want to blog and build your Kyani business online, but have no idea how to get started – shoot me a message. I’ll show you how to get started for free.

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In Closing

Just because you’re not good at something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get better at it.

In the resource I gave you, My Lead System Pro, they offer a 10-day trial for $10. It’s worth it just for that.

You wouldn’t be on this website and I wouldn’t have a team that spans across 4 countries right now if it wasn’t for My Lead System Pro.

So when first starting out, you want to give yourself the best possible opportunity to start making money and having success right away. And the way to do that is to follow in the footsteps of someone who is already building their business the way that you want to build yours.

People are going to find you online or join your business who may have influence and want to hold home parties or want to meet people one-on-one. Having the knowledge on how to advise them and the ability to give them tips on how to do those things successfully will only make you a much more valuable network marketer.

So don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but absolutely join with someone who is building their business in a way that you know that you can build yours.

Last Updated: May 23, 2018

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