Don’t fall for the shiny object…

Join a network marketing company

Shiny Object Syndrome is more commonly known as being distracted by any polished, gleaming or otherwise shiny interesting object in your field of view or imagination.


Me: Hey, let’s put together a game-plan on how you can accomplish your goal of quitting your job in the next 90 days.

You: Awesome. Let’s do this.

Me: How much money do you need to make each month to replace your full-time income?


When most people are deciding on a network marketing company to join they tend to get distracted from the most important things to look for and end up choosing a company based on the wrong criteria. Let me let you in on a little secret – all network marketing companies offer the same thing. FREEDOM. They all offer a way for you to create time freedom and financial freedom for yourself and your family. The problem that most people run into is that when searching for this freedom they get distracted by the things they think are important like the companies compensation plan or the products instead of focusing on the most important things to look for before you join a network marketing company.

DISCLAIMER: Products and compensation plans ARE important but they absolutely ARE NOT the 1st things to consider when looking for a network marketing company to join.

In order to be as transparent as possible, I’ll start by saying that I did not come up with this list of things to look for before joining a network marketing company. I was tuned into a broadcast on Periscope with a person making over $1,000,000 a year in network marketing and this is the advice he gave me. I wrote it down and compared it with my company, Kyäni, and saw that we check-out on every point mentioned.

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4 Keys To Look For Before Joining a Network Marketing Company

1. Community

The bigger your team, the bigger you can dream.

The community inside of the network marketing industry is already fantastic, and if you pair that with a strong inner community within your network marketing organization you can achieve in 1 month what might take years elsewhere.

Kyäni has a powerful inner community called Team Fusion. On Facebook they share an invitation only community secret page called Team Fusion.

network marketing

You can probably already imagine why having a strong community within your network marketing organization is important, but here are the biggest reasons why an active and engaged community is so crucial:

  • Recognition
    • Anytime you or someone on your team reaches a new rank or qualifies for a Dream Car, it’s nice to be recognized by THOUSANDS of people who are rooting for you, know you and are in the game with you. This feeling of significance is a fundamental human need.
  • Social Proof
    • Seeing people quit their jobs because they’ve started earning more in residual income with Kyäni than they were making at their job goes a long way towards your own belief in the what you can accomplish. It also helps to be able to interact directly with people who are achieving success to quickly realize that you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.
  • Support
    • This is what makes a powerful community like Team Fusion the ultimate mastermind group. A mastermind group is where a team of like-minded individuals come together to achieve a common goal. Through a mastermind group you are able to learn from the experiences of everyone in the group while avoiding having to make those same mistakes yourself. This is crucial. Community support is the number one reason Team Fusion members earn promotions faster than any other network marketing company in the industry.

2. Training

The top earners in network marketing will all tell you the same thing: the most important thing you can do to create success in your business is invest in yourself. This means they invest their time and energy into on-going training so they can stay sharp and master the system their company uses to create success.

The most important aspect of any business is a system.

A good system is the reason why a 16-year old with no business experience can run a McDonald’s restaurant. You don’t need a business degree or management experience because McDonald’s has a proven system that works. Once you get trained on the system, it becomes easy to run a billion dollar business.

Network marketing is a little bit different because, it’s not a job. Their is no mandatory training required. Many companies take advantage of this by luring you in with their shiny object only to leave you untrained, naked and afraid once you’ve joined. This is the single reason why network marketing has a bad image. This lack of training results in people spamming their company link all over social media, annoying the crap out of their friends and family and ultimately quitting network marketing and saying “the system doesn’t work”. Then they go on to bash the entire industry as being a fraud and are forced to work for someone else for 40 years so they can retire and live off of a shoestring budget until they die.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Finding a company with an in-depth training opportunity like Kyäni’s is why I’m still in network marketing. With monthly training, weekly training and even DAILY training that I can plug into for FREE, it’s impossible to not know how to correctly grow use the system to grow a network marketing empire. Remember, network marketing isn’t a job. So none of the training is mandatory, but the key is it’s available. It’s ongoing. And it’s effective.  I see a noticeable difference in my mindset and actions anytime I attend a training call.

The recognition and promotions I see going on within Team Fusion is enough proof for me to know that Kyäni has a system that works. And the training is what shows me how to master that system and how to use it effectively.

Network marketing isn’t easy, it’s simple. If you can simply “learn and do”, you have all the qualifications needed for an above average income in this industry.

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Network Marketing

3. Leadership

Before joining a network marketing company this should be the first thing you focus on. Most of the time it’s overlooked because the majority of network marketers feel that they are already leaders and will succeed no matter what. Who needs leadership, right? I’m already a leader.


  • Strong company leadership ensures you that your compensation plan won’t change next month.
  • It ensures you that decisions will be made with your best interests in mind.
  • It gives you confidence in the effectiveness and quality of your products.
  • It also ensures you that your company will be here when you’re kids grow up and decide to follow in your footsteps.
  • It introduces exciting new opportunities and products to ensure the growth of your organization.

That’s what leadership in network marketing is.

After joining your network marketing company, you need to be able to count on more than just your upline. Even more importantly, you need to be able to trust that your company leadership won’t put you in a position to have to explain decisions that don’t make sense to your downline.  You want your company leadership to always put you in a position to be delivering good news, not bad news.

In August last year, Kirk Hansen, one of the co-founders of Kyäni unveiled that commission-able volume was increasing from 20% to 60%! That was a jaw-dropper when I heard it.

The founders also offered a June incentive that tripled the down payment distributors received for their Dream Car.

The focus by Kyäni’s leadership is on developing the newest distributors and getting them into profit quickly. Most network marketing businesses focus on the top-earners and ignore those who need the most assistance.

Kyäni does things differently, and by doing so, they are changing the way network marketing is done.

LAST UPDATED: June 12, 2018

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