What This Kyani Review Is Going To Cover

In this review I’m going to be going over:

  1. Kyäni Products
  2. Company Ownership
  3. Marketing System
  4. Compensation Plan

I’ll be using a 10 POINT rating system to give you a quick view of any particular aspect of the business.

Kyäni Products

Kyäni claims that the “superstar” of their business is in fact, the products they offer. These products are:

  • Kyäni Sunrise
  • Kyäni Nitro
  • Kyäni Sunset

They only offer these 3 products and they are marketed together as the Kyäni Triangle of Health. (EDIT: Kyäni now offers an exclusive health and beauty skin-care product line in addition to these nutrition products.)Kyani Health Triangle

  • Kyani’s Triangle of Health products were created by noted physician, Dr. Abbas Qutab, founder of Elan Vital Medical Centers in Massachusetts. This distinction goes over well with people in the nutrition supplement community due to the fact that Dr. Qutab doesn’t base his formulation on any current product on the market.

“The Kyäni Health Triangle maintains, defends, and repairs every cell in the body. The sum of the three products is more important than one product itself. Kyäni as a company is unique in the industry. There is no other company that has a Triangle of Health, or a model like Kyäni has, to create global wellness.”
– Dr. Abbas Qutab

Overall, the Kyäni products can be considered top-shelf versions of widely marketed products in the marketplace. For example, the Kyäni Sunset product is a cold-pressed fish oil gel-tab that is a blend of Vitamin E / Omega 3’s.

The known benefits of taking these two nutrients together are that fish oil and vitamin E both protect your skin from the sun. Taking fish oil supplements helps you get more omega3 fatty acids — a beneficial type of fat your body can’t produce on its own — while vitamin E acts as an antioxidant to protect your cells from damage.

  • Kyäni uses a form of Vitamin E called Tocotrienols, which they claim to be the most potent form of Vitamin E on the market and vastly superior from the Tocopherol counterpart which is what is used in many over-the-counter Vitamin E supplements.

Products Rating: 9/10

This easily could have been a 10/10, but the Kyäni Nitro product could be a little bit better tasting. The vast amounts of positive product testimonials I’ve experienced while sharing these products with people make these products seem miraculous. Claims of more energy and better sleep seem to be the most prevalent benefits and I’m proud to say they’ve helped me vastly as well. Learn more about the products at KyaniScience.com

Company Ownership

Kyäni is owned by 2 separate billion dollar families who each have amassed huge amounts of success prior to their joint Kyäni venture. The owners have embraced their distributors use of the internet and online marketing in a way that no other network marketing company has before.

Kyani Independent DistributorMr. Kirk Hansen, who’s family made their fortune in the oil and gas industry is known to say, he never plays a game he can’t win. His family is credited with adding the convenient store model to gas stations throughout the United States. So whenever you fill up and go in to get a big gulp or Snickers bar, that’s possible due to his family’s inventiveness.

Mr. Carl Taylor, owns one of the largest ranch and potato farms in the United States. Odds are if you’ve ever eaten a potato, it was an Idaho potato from his 30,000+ acre farm.

Individually, these gentlemen have never sold a business, failed in a business or taken a business public.

They pay out over 50% of the Kyäni’s revenue back to independent distributors, which I’ll cover more in the compensation plan section. But just to be clear these are two, seemingly, well established families who could have easily marketed this product on the shelves of GNC with a massive advertising campaign and split the profits between themselves.

But, clearly, due to their incredible success in the business, they’ve chosen to share those profits with the thousands of independent distributors who wish to market and advertise the products themselves.

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Company Ownership Rating: 10/10

This one was simple. If you’re going to go into business, these are the type of people you want to partner with. Owners with a proven track record, who pay you your cut and then put their cut back into ensuring that the quality and integrity of the products and the business you represent are top-notch.

Marketing System

Kyäni has employed the talents of an internet marketer by the name of Scott Boulch to create a proprietary system titled the “Done For You” model. The system claims to have successfully combined the 3 major marketing channels (online marketing, network marketing and retail marketing) into one. The fusion of those 3 channels is what led them to create a team within the network marketing industry known as Team Fusion.Kyani Independent Distributor

The Team Fusion “Done For You” marketing system includes multiple product and business funnels to share online, but what stands out most is how Kyäni and Team Fusion employ the use of a smartphone app with the same name that can only be unlocked with the valid referral ID of a Kyäni independent distributor.

This app uses an interesting “copy-paste-send” technique where independent distributors have access to pre-formatted text messages that have been “done for you” and can be sent to friends and family making it very easy to find people who want to build a business or sample the products.

To my knowledge, Kyäni is the only network marketing opportunity in the world with this type of system. They claim to be disrupting the standard need for home parties, hotel meetings and awkward interactions by using the app to “only talk to people who want to talk to them”.

Marketing System Rating: 9.5/10

The Done For You system is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Most people are drawn to this business simply because of that inventiveness. It’s the #1 reason why Team Fusion’s Kyani Independent Distributors generated over $100+ million dollars in revenue within their 1st 20 months.

Compensation Plan

The story goes that when Kyäni chairman and founder Kirk Hansen was developing the companies compensation plan he set out to design the most lucrative paying compensation plan in network marketing history. In efforts to do this, he joined multiple network marketing businesses in order study the various plans that were being used in the industry at top companies.

The Kyäni compensation plan is fairly simple.

Kyani Independent DistributorYou get paid in 3 ways:

  1. Total Volume
  2. Product Sales
  3. Sponsoring

There are no minimums or quota’s to maintain as long as you have at least 100 personal volume points, which comes from your monthly auto-shipment and/or your customers volume. Yes, that says “or”, because you still qualify for full compensation even if you’re not on autoship if your customer volume exceeds 100 volume points.

This comes across as a great incentive for distributors to focus on acquiring customers.

Customers place orders though a company replicated website that is coded to you. Their products are shipped directly to them from the manufacturer.

Kyäni’s compensation plan allows distributors to earn a new car through their “Dream Car” program fairly early on in their career. Once you qualify for the 1st level of that incentive Kyäni pays distributors up to $1,000 to go towards the down payment and $500 for the monthly payment.

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Compensation Plan Rating: 10/10

The Kyani compensation plan has 2 huge benefits. The first is that there is basically no requirement needed to qualify for full compensation of your organization as long as you have a few customers. Get customers or maintain yourself as a customer and you get paid. The second huge benefit is the dream car program. It seems that many distributors end up qualifying for this incentive within their 1st 90 days.


Based on those ratings, Kyäni scores a near perfect rating when it come to the products, ownership, marketing system and compensation plan.

Remember, no network marketing opportunity can guarantee that you will make any money whatsoever. Income is based on the efforts and skill of the independent distributor.

While it looks like Kyäni has gone above the beyond the call in making it as easy as possible to get you into profits quickly it still takes consistent effort and personal development to create and sustain income.

LAST UPDATED: May 23, 2018

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