Introducing Kyäni Prime

Kyani Prime Membership

More Value! More Savings! More Options!

Kyäni is excited to introduce to you a groundbreaking new benefit for customers and distributors.

Have you ever stopped placing an order when you saw how much the shipping costs would be?

Experience has taught us that the cost of shipping can sometimes be an obstacle when it comes to purchasing products online.

With Kyäni Prime, that obstacle has been removed.

Here’s How It Works

As long as you have a Kyäni Prime product in your cart, the shipping for that entire order will be completely FREE!

Kyäni intends to show you just how much they value you through every order and purchase you make. 

A 6-month membership to Kyäni Prime is only $39 and provides customers with significant cost savings through FREE shipping AND wholesale pricing on every order—putting money back into your pocket with every transaction.

Kyani Prime

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 Prime is only available in select countries. Click here if you are outside of the US.

Here’s an example of the kind of discounts customers were getting with these life-changing products:

Kyäni PrimeKyani Prime Kyani Prime

Now take a look at the NEW REDUCED KYANI PRICES

Kyani Sunrise & Kyani Sunset - Kyani Triangle of Health Packets - Kyani Sunrise - Kyani Sunset - Kyani Nitro Kyani Triangle of Health - Kyani Sunrise - Kyani Sunset - Kyani Nitro

For less than $4 a day, you’re now able to experience all the health benefits of Kyäni products!

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Curious to know what the benefits of this amazing program are for DISTRIBUTORS? Click here if you’re wanting to learn more.

Last Updated: July 12, 2017

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