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One of the fastest ways and little known tricks to getting ahead in life is to align yourself with a mentor who can show you exactly how to accomplish the things you’re hoping to achieve. Whether it be to pursue a personal passion, travel, have more family time or simply make an extra $1,000/month…

The video above shows you just a few of the mentors I’d like to introduce you too:

James Bradford
Before Team Fusion, James was making less than $7/hr cleaning golf clubs at the Four Seasons Hotel & Resort. After seeing so many successful businessmen spending all their time on the golf course, he finally asked one of them what it was that allowed him to live the life he was living while still having all the free time in the world.

He was then introduced to the world of network marketing.

After struggling for years at a company that made false promises and never delivered, he was introduced to Kyäni and formed Team Fusion. In less than 11 months (and lots of hard work) James achieved the rank of Double Red Diamond (see: US Income Disclosure) and has created an environment where people from a variety of different backgrounds and ages have now been able to earn more money in a month than they had previously made in an entire year.

Brandon Stevens
As a traditional business owner, Brandon was working 80+ hours a week. His children were spending most of their time at their grandparents house while Brandon spent all his time working.

While the money was good, he soon realized that the one thing he would never be able to get back was the time he was missing away from his kids. He wanted a way to provide them a lifestyle he could be proud of, but he also wanted to be there for them as they were growing up.

He partnered with James to help grow his own Kyäni business and was soon able to retire his parents and quit his full-time business. He now spends his days doing what he loves with the people he loves and he too has shown thousands of people just how powerful Kyäni can be to those with belief and desire.

George Azide

As the founder of What is Kyani Team, I’ve been able show hundreds of distributors how to build a brand online and use that to attract people to their business.

I partnered with Kyani in June of 2015 because I saw the vision of a company where everyone was winning big and impacting lives. Kyani’s products are what showed me that there was seriously something special within this company. The effects they’ve had on my ability to perform complex tasks, stay focused and maintain a high energy level are what has propelled my life forward in various ways.

I’m also extremely proud to point out many of the health-based testimonials I hear almost daily from people who feel that Kyani was the blessing they’ve been looking for. Some of their stories are truly unbelievable.

For all these reason, I happily offer free help to people who want to learn how to build a website and begin using it to build their businesses.

This is not a pitch. Don’t let all the flash and success fool you 

The truth is, this is ONLY possible thanks to an incredible product that is impacting lives all over the world. Kyäni, Dr. Abbas Qutab and his team of medical professionals have created something that is truly remarkable and needs to be experienced first-hand to truly understand the benefits.

What you’re seeing in this video are the spoils of success.

Request a free consultation or try the Triangle of Health for yourself risk-free for 30-days.

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