Everything you search for online regarding network marketing has the word “scam” or “fake” in it. Kyani reviews are no different.

In this article I will tell you exactly why that is and how to avoid being misled by 95% of the information that you read about network marketing online.

Everyone has an agenda.

kyani scam reviews

In this article I will be speaking specifically about the business-related reviews of Kyani and NOT the product-related reviews of Kyani.

Kyäni Reviews Are Misleading and They’ll Continue Being That Way

Most would agree that anytime you are in the process of making a big decision, one of the smartest things you can do for yourself is seek out advice to help you make the right choice.

And most people should know, any advice you get should be from someone who has achieved the amount of success in life that you aspire to achieve. Information from any other source is misleading.

Why would you take advice from someone who failed at what you’re trying to succeed at?

They will ONLY be able to tell you all the ways you can fail and perform miserably at it.

There’s an old saying that goes, “How You Do Anything, Is How You Do Everything.”

If you’re not careful, you could end up taking financial or business advice from someone who has failed at everything they’ve ever attempted.

In network marketing there is a lot of flat-out misinformation out there.

99% of the time negative Kyani scam reviews end up coming from someone who violated a policy and was removed as a distributor.

The only way to validate the legitimacy of anything anyone tells you is to know the right questions to ask.

Most people think they don’t know enough about how to become successful, when the truth is they simply know too much about how NOT to be successful.

And that usually stems from listening to the wrong people.

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Get The Truth Behind Kyani Scam Reviews

“What have you achieved?”

The key question you should be asking when you are seeking out advice from anyone on anything is “What have you achieved?”. This will make sure the advice you’re getting is coming from a someone who has reached a level of success that you aspire to achieve. Successful people don’t enjoy seeing other people fail, but unsuccessful people love to see other people struggle.

If the person you’re getting advice from has established success in their lives or has mentors who have achieved high levels of success and they’re sharing advice they got from them directly with you, then they might be worth listening too.

It Goes Both Ways

Would you rather be told what you shouldn’t do or told exactly what you should do?

If you can follow the leader you can win in anything you set your mind too. That mindset will take you a long way in life and in business. Finding people who have achieved success, or even better, people who have succeeded doing what you’re wanting to do is the secret to winning at anything.

Positive leadership will make you a deliberate success. Once you purposely seek out top-achievers who are winning at the game you want to play, you’ll start seeing and achieving new possibilities.

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LAST UPDATED: April 23, 2018