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“In my 25 years of research, I have never seen a molecule [like Nitric Oxide] that so pervasively influences normal and abnormal body functions.” – Dr. Solomon Snyder Director of Neuroscience, John Hopkins Medical School

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The discovery of Nitric Oxide in the late 1970’s paved the way for the research into a molecule so exceptional that it earned the Nobel Prize in 1998 for three American researchers, Dr. Robert Furchgott, Dr. Louis J. Ignarro and Dr. Ferid Murad.

Researchers have since studied Nitric Oxide extensively, which is now considered to be the most important signaling molecule found in the body. Kyäni Nitro FX puts the power of Nitric Oxide in your hands.

Nitro FX can improve many facets of circulatory health by boosting the body’s production of Nitric Oxide, thereby dilating arteries and vessles. This anti-inflammatory effect allows more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to travel more quickly to your body’s cells, providing a boost to energy and alertness. Nitric Oxide also helps minimize clotting by discouraging blood platelets from sticking to one another or to the vessel wall.

Nitro FX is a proprietary formula derived from the Noni plant. Studies show that Nitro FX is highly effective in promoting Nitric Oxide production. Take 1ml of Nitro FX 2-3 times per day to boost energy and improve circulatory health.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes Increased Energy
  • Encourages Blood Flow
  • Helps Improve Circulation
  • Helps Reduce Inflammation
  • Encourages Heart Health
  • Improves Sexual Function
  • Supports Cognitive Function
  • Sustains the Immune System
  • Improves Nutrient Absorption

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Kyäni NitroXtreme® Will Make You Feel Limitless

Built on the strong foundation of Kyäni NitroFX research, preservative-free Nitro Xtreme takes a giant leap into maximizing natural Nitric Oxide (NO) production in the body. Nitro Xtreme contains even more Nitrate content, which is recognized as a primary compound responsible for the production of NO. In addition, Nitro Xtreme contains more ingredients that magnify the production, and enhance the utilization of NO in the body. These include CoQ10, Magnesium, Zinc, Chromium, and Niacin, all of which provide many other benefits. Together, these powerful elements combine to create the leading Nitric Oxide product on the market today.

Nitric Oxide…The Molecule of Life

Recent discoveries about the role Nitric Oxide (NO) plays in the body’s vital systems has created demand for supplement products that enhance the production of this important element. Numerous studies have shown that NO, a signaling molecule, has an anti-inflammatory effect on arterial walls, improving blood flow throughout the body. This allows for faster, more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells. Nitro Xtreme provides potent nitrates that have been shown to significantly boost the production of NO in the body.

LAST UPDATED: May 26, 2018

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