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Kyäni Sunset® Offers Pure Powerhouse Ingredients

Unparalleled nutrition support to the body’s vital systems including cell health and support for the cardiovascular and immune systems.

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Kyäni Sunset is a proprietary combination of tocotrienols (the most potent form of Vitamin E), Omega-3 derived from Wild Alaskan Salmon (the purest source in the world) and other wild fish, Beta-Carotene (a natural source of Vitamin A), and the essential Vitamin D. Sunset was designed to contain only lipid-soluble elements, maximizing the bioavailability of these nutrients for absorption.

The health benefits of tocotrienols, Omega-3, Beta-Carotene and Vitamin D are well documented by medical professionals and researchers. This compound offers unparalleled nutritional support to the body’s vital systems including cell health and powerful support for the cardiovascular and immune systems.

Comprised of only lipid-soluble nutrients, Sunset is intended for evening use when the body’s lipid activities are at their peak. Sunset gives the body what it needs when it needs it. Because of this, Kyäni Sunset is the perfect nutritional complement to water-soluble nutrients offered by Kyäni Sunrise.

Key Benefits

  • Supports Cardiovascular Health
  • Helps Reduce Inflammation
  • Encourages Healthier Skin and Hair
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • Supports Cognitive Function
  • Supports Cell Membranes
  • Very Potent Vitamin E
  • Promotes Healthy Immune Response
  • Supports heart health and healthy blood sugar levels
  • Reduces inflammation and maintains healthy cholesterol levels
  • Encourages healthy skin and hair

LAST UPDATED: June 18, 2018

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