Contrast showers or contrast baths are a form of hydrotherapy that has many all-natural health benefits.

contrast shower

What is a Contrast Shower?

Contrast bathing/showering is basically alternating between hot and cold water multiple times while bathing. I started this process about 2 months ago and immediately noticed a tangible difference in my overall energy and focus throughout the day (not to mention my skin stopped drying out so easily!). Contrast showering is a concept that was introduced to me in a book I read called Guerilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich.

When I started doing a little more research into the subject I found that contrast showers are an actual form of hydrotherapy and have long been used by people to naturally increase blood-flow and circulation throughout the body.

When you start your shower with regular warm/hot water it causes blood to rush outward towards your skins surface. Then by contrasting that with cold water, your heart rate increases and causes the blood in your body to flow inwards towards your vital organs. Then after 1 – 3 minutes reverting back to the warm water gets the blood flowing again.

Simple. Efficient. Effective.

What Are The Benefits?

This practice of contrast showering is capable of detoxing the body and helping organs work better due to the mass of blood flowing into them from the cold. Additional benefits of the cold portion of the contrast shower is that it can raise testosterone levels in men, lower level of cortisol, boost your immune system and increase mental toughness.

A cold shower or contrast shower every morning will wake you up, get blood flowing, boost your immune system and start your day off from a position of alertness.

An article written on a few years ago stated, “Alternating the hot and cold water causes the circulation to move rhythmically, like an accordion, giving your body an early-morning detox. More invigorating than a cup of coffee, the effect is both immediate and sustained: a clear head, better mood and heightened focus.”

Key Contrast Shower Benefits

  • Improves circulation
  • Relieves depression
  • Keeps skin and hair healthy
  • Increases testosterone
  • Increases fertility
  • Increases energy
  • Increases well-being

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